Kitchen sinks usually sit at a central place in the kitchen, solidifying their position as an integral part of interior design projects. Whether renovating a small portion of your kitchen or giving it a complete makeover, the sink can add significant texture and style to the room if chosen correctly. 

Even after taking out the design element, choosing a kitchen sink is an important decision. The type of material you choose and the style will significantly reduce or increase the time it takes you to clean up the kitchen and maintain it. It will also determine the expenses, durability, functionality, and more. 

However, there are multiple options for sinks available today, so if you are stuck making the right choice, here are the top four options for your kitchen sink. Keep reading. 

Granite Sink – durability and luxury


The natural stone look adds class to any place you add it, and kitchen sinks are no different. Nowadays, you no longer have to stick to the traditional stainless-steel sink. You can experiment with material, style, and color. And granite or stone sinks are one of the options that can perfectly elevate the look of your kitchen. 

Granite is a porous material that is hygienic, and you can clean it up in a few quick swipes. You can get granite sinks customized in almost any color of your choice. This could be a good choice if color customization is important to you. Moreover, granite is durable, low-maintenance, and resistant to stains, and you can easily get matching countertops as well to finish the look. 

Stainless Steel Sink – functional for every household


Stainless steel is one of the most popular options for a kitchen sink, and this is because you can rarely go wrong with it. This inexpensive option makes it suitable for you if you are on a controlled budget, and it comes with a bundle of benefits. 

Stainless steel is a durable kitchen sink option. This means you won’t have to go for constant maintenance services. It is resistant to scratches, heat, and breakage, so you can work comfortably without worrying about damaging the sink. 

It is easy to clean and doesn’t stain, so this is another hygienic option. All you have to ensure is to get thicker steel to last longer and make less noise. The only drawback you may notice about this material is its lack of color variation. But the great thing about stainless steel is that it can go with almost any interior décor or countertop design you intend to choose, so you can shop for them without worry. 

Copper Sink – the vintage dream


A copper sink is a bit of an expensive option to choose from, but it can be worth the money. The golden-orangish tinted color adds a unique class and style to your kitchen. Copper is resistant to stains making it a perfect choice for a busy kitchen. It is also resistant to rusting and corrosion. Moreover, the material is completely sustainable and can be easily recycled. 

If you want to get the bright shiny color of the copper material for your kitchen, you can get it sealed to prevent the shiny hue from fading off. There is also the option of the vintage patina shade of copper that develops as the material fades with time. The faded copper color fits in perfectly with a vintage interior. You can also seal this vintage color to prevent it from fading further. 

There are several options in copper shades, from bright and shiny to different levels of faded colors. You can choose any you prefer. The material is prone to damage if you don’t care for it well enough. Keeping hot utensils or acidic materials can damage the sheen and the cover of copper. So, you will have to keep it clean from all food materials and hot utensils. 

Porcelain Sink – versatile

Porcelain has long been used for several household renovation projects, such as in washrooms, kitchens, and other rooms. Kitchen sinks porcelain makes for a durable option. It comes in various colors, but most people opt for the classic white sink. 

Porcelain is resistant to heat and stains. It doesn’t scratch easily, and if you choose a universal color like white, it will go well with almost all kinds of countertop choices. Porcelain adds a touch of grace and serenity to your environment. It brightens up the room. 

This one is a great option, but you may have to be careful about the material chipping away from too much friction against the utensils. 

What’s your pick?

Every central piece in different rooms is an asset for remarkable renovations and interior décor. A kitchen sink is one such asset for your kitchen. If you work smartly with it, a sink can not only add style and uniqueness to your home but also be extremely practical with a range of usability. 

If you are overwhelmed by the list of options, you can always contact Putnam Design LLC. It is a world-class custom kitchen and interior designer. Whether you want to remodel small parts or turn over the complete design, Putnam Design will help you sort through the mess. 

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