Renovating a space requires expert insight and great visual imagination. Something that looks decent at one’s place might not look the same at yours. Thus, understanding your kitchen’s layout and taking the viewpoint of an expert will save you from the odds. 


Correctly using the kitchen corners is indispensable for a functional and smart layout. But sometimes it is quite difficult to do so.

One of the basic and most effective means of managing the bare corners of your kitchen is to install cabinets or shelves. 

Here are some types of cabinets and shelves that you can install in the blind corners of your kitchen


Along with corner cabinet ideasand blind corner kitchen cabinet ideas following are other creative ways to use the corner space in your kitchen.

How To Efficiently Utilize Blind Spots In Your Kitchen 

1.     Install An Exclusive Pantry

Making a pantry where you can store all your kitchen essentials is a constructive way to use the dead space in your kitchen corner. You can either opt for an open shelving configuration or closed cabinets, depending on the overall space available and the vibe of your kitchen. This will allow you easy access to daily use ingredients while keeping things orderly. 

2.     Make A Cozy Coffee Station

Keep all your coffee essentials organized by placing a console or Chester drawer. Also, according to your preference, you can customize a small cabinet by adopting some creative corner cabinet ideasand blind corner kitchen cabinet ideas. It is convenient to have all your coffee essentials in one spot, so you don’t have to waste your energy running all around the kitchen in the morning to find the beans or pods.

3.     Create A Casual And Petite Dining Area

Create a cozy dining area in the not-so-usable corner of your kitchen. Place a small round table or a console table at the junction against the wall or in front of the window. Such an arrangement will make it the perfect spot to have a comfortable meal. You can also make it your workstation when you need to work but also have to keep an eye on the stuff cooking in the kitchen.  

4.     Add Open Or Floating Shelves

In some closed spaces installing cabinets can make the space look congested and overwhelming. For such sneaky corners putting in floating shelves or open shelves is the best choice. Here you can keep decorations or portable items such as a waffle maker, electric whisk, and plates that might otherwise take up unnecessary space on the base counter.

5.     Install Small Storage Units

Some corners are challenging to furnish and, if not done right, can make the whole place look bizarre. Employing swing-out corner cabinet ideas and innovative blind corner kitchen cabinet ideas in such crossings is quite an effective way to cover the space while making use of it. Such units are great for keeping the daily-use cutlery and other small but essential items. 

6.     Grow A Little Kitchen Garden

The world is moving towards organic living. So why not use the barren space in your kitchen corner and turn it into a cute little kitchen garden? If you have a spot in your kitchen that receives sunlight, you can easily turn it into a kitchen garden. Just install a rack or shelf and grow organic cherry tomatoes, chilies, mint, basil, and other herbs in pots. This will enable you to utilize the space to the fullest, and you can also reap the fresh homegrown fruits and spices. 

In the end, for optimum utilization of your kitchen space, you need to consider making use of the dead spaces as well. These nooks and corners, if left as is, look awkward and unfathomable. By now, you have a fair idea of the ways you can productively utilize the voids in your kitchen. So next time you decide to renovate your kitchen, do remember these points and discuss them with your interior designer to decide on the final layout.

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