Home is the most personal space for an individual, so it isn’t surprising that we have ample ideas when it comes to how we want it to look. But information overload can put your mind in a state of utter confusion. So, here is a guide to some of the best interior design tips and tricks to help you style your home.


1.     It’s Your Home – Make It Personal

One of the best interior design tips you can learn is to always add a personal touch. Trends will fade, and designs will change, but your personal touch will always remain classic and give you the true feeling of home in your house.

Even if you are following a trend, make sure to keep some spaces in the house which are covered in what you love. A great way to discover your personal style is to look at other facets of your life. How do you prefer to dress? What colors do you tilt towards? Do you party a lot?

Answers to these and more questions will determine whether you like it traditional, contemporary, mixed, open-spaced, enclosed, or some other style. And remember, you can mix and match different styles in separate rooms, such as going for different colors.   

2.     Decide On A Unifying Color Scheme

While you can go as crazy with the colors as you want, good interior design advice is to choose a color scheme for paints in your home. In a general rule of thumb, the primary color gets painted on 60 percent of the surfaces, the secondary color on 30 percent of the surfaces, and 10 percent of the surfaces get the accent color which is usually exotic.

This doesn’t mean you have to go for dull grey colors as your primary and secondary palettes. You can choose whimsical colors as per your liking, such as pink shades. However, according to expert interior design tips and tricks, you should have colors that complement each other for an aesthetic look.

3.     Try And Then Try Some More Paint

Paint can fix up any dull area in your room. But you must always buy sample pots of paint before buying the actual pots to check on walls. The appearance of the paint on the walls can change drastically sometimes due to lighting and other factors.

So, before investing, buy samples and try A2-sized patches on the darkest and the lightest walls.

4.     Go Bright With The Pendant Lights

Another good interior design advice is to add the correct lighting to your home. Pendant light with a unique design can give your home a luxurious look. They can instantly pick up the look of even an old room. Pendant lights are one of the best lights you can add to your home.

5.     Accent Pieces Can Go A Long Way

Another good interior design advice is to add accent pieces. This could be vintage sofas, bright, colorful upholstery, or standout benches for the front yard. You could also add an exotic foyer to the entrance of the house. The accent piece should bring out your home’s personality in a playful way.

6.     Go Crazy On The Walls

Wallpapers with patterns and unique designs are all the rage right now. Don’t be afraid to dress up your walls in wallpapers, patterns, lines, or some attention-grabbing design.

7.     Spin Up Old Fabrics For A Luxury Look

The right fabric can give your house the desired luxe look. The great thing is that you can reimagine the old fabrics and make them just as good. For example, add a laced cloth to a plain linen curtain or combine different patterned old clothes to sew up cushion covers in new designs.

8.     Take Your Time To Furnish Up

You don’t have to get done with the interior designing in one week. Take your time. There might be some piece you are not sure about. In that case, leave it then, and you might get some inspiration to add something great later. Don’t rush to buy all the things at once.

9.     Make Some Space For Nature

Adding house plants is another awesome way to uplift the interior of your home. There are several choices, such as Aloe vera, spider plants, a string of pearls, tillandsia, snake plant, and more.

10. Invest In Some Artistic Pieces

Statement art pieces in center rooms can leave the guests in awe of your home. You can invest in some expensive ones or shop from local markets too.

11. Fill The Place With Your Signature Aroma

A perfect way to add your personal touch to the house while keeping it stylish is to add a signature scent. Just like in hotels that have a certain fragrance that you associate with the place, you can add your favorite aroma to your home, which will add an emotional angle to it.

12. Keep Your Budget In Check

When going for an interior design revamp, it is easy to splurge on different elements. But make sure to have a budget and keep it in check. Most of the items you spend on, you might not need or even like. Keep the most amount for the bigger furniture that draws the most attention, like couches and beds.  

Remember! Comfort Is The Key

All interior design tips and tricks aside, your home is a haven of comfort. Make sure not to overdo everything as to make it complex. Keep it comfortable for you and your family, even if it means going for a bat alcove type dark design.

And if you still feel overwhelmed, call for professional help. 

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