Gray is, without a doubt, one of the most popular paint colors. With so many depths, tints, and undertones to pick from, it’s easy to understand why gray has become a popular option for walls, cabinets, exteriors, and more.

When selecting a gray paint color, however, you must pay EXTREMELY careful attention to the undertones. Of course, undertones must always be considered when selecting a paint color, but they are significantly more subtle when nestled inside gray. To help you pick the perfect tone, we’ve put together the best nine Benjamin Moore warm gray paint colors that will never be outdated. 

The 9 Best Classic Tones 

  1. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray 

Classic Gray is a mild gray that is somewhat darker than off-white. This greige-leaning gray has no blue or green overtones so that it will stay completely neutral in all lighting conditions. Classic Gray looks best in a setting that isn’t inundated with direct sunlight, which might wash it out. 

For a gentle contrast, use warm grays with white trim or wainscoting. Classic Gray, one of our favorite warm light gray Benjamin Moore, will alter throughout the day as the natural light changes, so test a sample in your space.

  1. Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray 

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

Chelsea Gray is a rich, warm gray with a medium gray undertone. It may seem deep taupe in a brilliantly lighted area, gray-brown in a south-facing room, or in the warm afternoon sunlight. Chelsea Gray seems less warm and more charcoal gray in darker environments or rooms with north-facing light. Chelsea Gray is one of the versatile Benjamin Moore warm gray paint colors that work well in various design types, including historic homes and urban interiors.

  1. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray  

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray  

Edgecomb Gray has a warm beige undertone, making it a soothing wall color for open floor layouts. Expect more chilly gray hues in cooler, north-facing light. It seems warm in a south-facing room or the warm afternoon sunlight. 

Edgecomb Gray is a clean and sophisticated neutral that will provide a stunning backdrop for your design. Throughout the day, Edgecomb Gray transitions from warm beige to gray tones, creating a fascinating backdrop for vibrant colors.

  1. Benjamin Moore Metropolitan Gray 

Benjamin Moore Metropolitan Gray

Metropolitan is such a beautiful neutral light warm gray paint color that it was named the 2019 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year. This barely-warm gray has green undertones that make it appear warm in most settings. Cool undertones may occur in north-facing rooms, although they are scarcely discernible. 

Metropolitan is a light-to-medium gray that brightens up a well-lit environment without becoming overly dark. This contemporary hue is a great neutral for walls and kitchen cabinets, and it looks well in either a matte or glossy finish. Metropolitan is a dependable and adaptable light gray perfect for open floor layouts.

  1. Benjamin Moore Silver Fox 

Benjamin Moore Silver Fox 

Warmer grays offer neutral walls with warm tones that prevent a room from seeming frigid. Benjamin Moore Silver Fox is a popular light warm gray paint color. This light gray tint has a brown undertone that reminds us of warm chocolate. Silver Fox is a rich color that will not wash out in a big or well-light environment. With white trim, it appears bright and sharp, but a softer white, like White Dove, gives it a comfortable, antique feel.

  1. Benjamin Moore Morning Dew 

Benjamin Moore Morning Dew

Morning Dew is a light gray warm Benjamin Moore paint color from the 2022 Color Palette. It’s a mellow, tranquil gray with apparent green undertones but little blue tones. It’s a relaxing color that can go with pastel and dramatic colors. Warm wood furniture and silver accents will highlight its rich undertones. 

While it appears to be the palest green, it is a delicate gray that varies with the light and looks lovely in wide, open areas. Combine Morning Dew with a creamy white for a classic cottage look.

  1. Benjamin Moore Silver Satin 

Benjamin Moore Silver Satin 

Silver Satin is a silvery gray paint that is cool and silky and always appears fresh and clean. This paint color’s nuanced undertones make it extremely flexible; under some circumstances, it may seem warmer, but cool silvery undertones protect it from appearing excessively warm or beige. Silver Satin is a subtle neutral that works well on walls and cabinetry in the living room, kitchen, or bathroom. It’s cool personality makes it suitable for matching marble surfaces.

  1. Benjamin Moore Ashland Slate 

Benjamin Moore Ashland Slate 

Ashland Slate is a dark gray hue that is similar to the gray-black tones of genuine slate. This dark gray has purple undertones and is one of the finest Benjamin Moore warm gray paint colors. Because it is not easily impacted by other colors or lighting situations, interior designers choose to use Ashland Slate to create a strong statement. 

The cool northern light will highlight a subtle purple undertone and keep Ashland Slate from feeling too warm. It creates a beautiful backdrop for vivid hues like acid yellow and orange in a modern home. This cool gray paint is perfect for use with brick accents since it compliments red so well.

  1. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray 

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

Stonington Gray is another cold gray with blue undertones. This timeless light gray paint color is a popular option for modern family homes, and it stands out in open floor layouts. Stonington Gray complements marble and stone finish wonderfully, making it an exquisite choice for the living room, kitchen, or master bath. 

This cool neutral gray is light enough to be used as an accent hue but dark enough to stand out against white trim or black accents. The ice blue undertone of Stonington Gray washes off in strong sunshine, creating a classic neutral with just enough gray.

Confused about which of these exciting Benjamin Moore warm gray paint colors to choose? We’ve got award-winning designers at Putnam Design who can help you pick the best colors and assist you through designing whatever place you desire with ultimate perfection!

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